Our Funding

PIRC is independently funded, receiving no funding from government or business.

Through the generosity of private donors and charitable trusts, PIRC has always been able to pursue research genuinely in the public interest, without interference or compromise. Independence and integrity are our greatest assets, and we only seek to pursue funding that support our values.

PIRC was set up with grants from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable and Social Services Trust. One way or another, JRCT has supported every one of our major ventures over the years.

PIRC has also been core-funded for many years by the 1970 Trust, and grants for individual projects have in the past been given by other organisations including the Consumers Association, Social Science Research Council, Allen Lane Foundation, Artists Project Earth, Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, the Network for Social Change, Nuffield Foundation, Ford Foundation, the Sainsburys Family Trusts and Trocaire. In the past few years have also received support from civil society organisations, including WWF-UK, RSPB, and 10 other conservation organisations for Common Cause for Nature.

If you would like to support PIRC or one of its projects donate here.