Our Approach

We advocate a values-led approach to social change: collaborative, empathetic and equitable.

We don’t believe in single-issues and think a connected approach to creating a better society is badly needed. Society faces myriad environmental and social problems, but we believe we are on the cusp of a crucial sea-change. There are issues, such as climate change, that require urgency. However, with an understanding of values it is clear that in addressing these, we must also account for social justice, equality, and compassion for change to be lasting and substantive.

In this context, we work with others in examining the current focus and methods of those working for social change and exploring new opportunities. In particular, we ask what values civil society is engaging in the society within which it is embedded. Are we encouraging passive consumers or empowered citizens? What are the key forces working to embed destructive values in society, and how can we work to address them?