Our Values

We value equality, social justice, creativity, community and connection with nature – amongst many other things!

Equality and social justice

We are working towards a society where people are equals: in front of each other, the law, and in the opportunities they receive. To that end, we work with diverse groups, and hope to challenge the structures that reproduce inequality and injustice.


We work towards building a community of practice, where those working towards social change (in whatever sector or guise) can share understanding and ideas for a connected approach to creating change. We work collaboratively and openly: in partnership wherever possible, and producing resources for wider use.


We cannot continue to ignore the structural issues within our society that maintain power imbalances, injustice, and exploitation. Our current systems are failing us. We need new ways of working, not tweaks to the old.

Connection with the natural world

We believe in protecting the environment for future generations and encouraging the current generations to enjoy and appreciate nature more now.  To that end, we work towards a sustainable office environment, we travel by train (and at least by land) for work commitments, and we have meetings outdoors whenever technology and weather permit.