Our Trustees

PIRC has a board of five trustees with a wide range of experience.

Two of PIRC’s current trustees were instrumental in the creation of the charity 40 years ago, and since then have supported the organisation—carefully guiding the evolution of PIRC’s work into new project areas, and ensuring its quality and integrity.

PIRC is indebted to its trustees for all of their contributions over the past four decades—our future work will continue to benefit immensely from their support and collective wisdom.

Tim Helweg-Larsen

Tim has been Chairman of PIRC since the beginning of 2012. He is CEO of Energy Bank, a social enterprise pursuing a Europe-wide market in energy-bonds, backed by renewable assets and owned by the people and businesses that use them. Tim was director of PIRC from 2007-2010 and has an extensive history of climate change research and advocacy.

Charlotte Millar

Charlotte is a strategist working with the New Economy Organisers Network and The Finance Innovation Lab. She helps design their overall network strategies and runs training programmes for leaders of systems change initiatives. She has been invited to teach on systems change and leadership around the world: at the Bold Academy in the USA; the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden; the Amani Institute in Kenya; and the Alia Institute in the Netherlands.

Christopher Zealley

Chris was Chairman of PIRC for 40 years before standing down in 2012. He is a former Chairman of the Board of Management of the Consumers Association, publishers of ‘Which? Magazine’. His career has been as a non-executive director in a number of companies and as a trustee of various other charitable trusts, including Dartington Hall, NACRO and the Charities Aid Foundation.


Kirsty Schneeberger MBE

Kirsty works for the UNFCCC as an adviser to the Executive Secretary and was part of the team focusing on the Paris climate negotiations. Her professional experience ranges from paralegal work for environmental law firms, to leading engagement work for the Stakeholder Forum for global environmental conferences, including Rio +20 and COPs 16 and 17. Her other environmental policy experience includes acting as a youth delegate with the UK Youth Climate Coalition, leading the youth engagement programme for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and working for a variety of environmental NGOs and charities. Kirsty was Called to the Bar in 2015 and was honoured as an M.B.E. in 2010.

Maurice Frankel OBE

Maurice Frankel has worked with the Campaign for Freedom of Information since it was set up in 1984, and has been its director since 1987. He was closely involved in persuading the government to introduce the Freedom of Information Act and improving the bill during its Parliamentary passage. With the Campaign he now monitors and seeks to improve the operation of the FOI Act and provides training for both requesters and public authorities.