Richard Hawkins

Designer & Facilitator

Richard is a researcher, communicator and designer. He led PIRC’s work on Common Cause between 2010-2015, exploring the role of values in social and cultural change. He’s facilitated over 200 workshops and trainings across the Third Sector and civil society in the UK and Europe. He previously coordinated PIRC’s climate work, bridging between the scientific community and campaigning NGOs and was lead author of the Climate Safety report.

Before joining PIRC in 2007, he founded The Green Shed, an ethical and environmental web design company. He loves visual communication having worked on several social and environmental projects with information designers and London Design Colleges.

Richard has a degree in Law, specialising in International Environmental Law, from the University of Nottingham. He is a member of Smart CSOs, a co-founder of Campaign Lab and a fellow of the RSA.

Skills & interests:

  • cultural values & social change
  • participatory and deliberative democracy
  • framing & narrative
  • information design & data visualisation
  • ultimate frisbee

Recent articles:

The Common Cause Handbook

We’ve just completed our latest piece of work, The Common Cause Handbook. It’s a practical and accessible introduction to the importance of values and frames for organisations working towards a more sustainable and just society.

Why the doubters are wrong about green jobs in Scotland 1

This is a guest post from Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Energy Campaigner, Beth Stratford. The Scotsman printed a two page spread in the lead up to the Scottish election warning that the SNP’s target for 100% renewable electricity by 2020 would ‘wreak significant damage on the Scottish Labour market’, citing as evidence a reportRead more

Maybe it’s time to stop talking about behaviour change? 8

Ro Randall is founder and director of Cambridge Carbon Footprint, a Cambridge based charity that uses approaches drawn from psychotherapy and community work to engage diverse audiences in work on climate change. She blogs at Behaviour change is the new black – although the idea has been around for a while it is increasingly theRead more

UK’s total emissions set to rise: new data obtained by PIRC 3

The UK’s total emissions are set to rise, PIRC can reveal – as shown in yet-to-be-published calculations by the government’s Carbon Trust. Whilst on paper, Britain’s carbon emissions have declined, in reality they have grown – once emissions from imported goods are factored in. From a consumption perspective, the UK’s emissions have risen by 19%Read more

Climate change breaks NASA’s temperature charts 1

Guest post by Kate at Climate Sight. The Arctic is getting so warm in winter that James Hansen had to add a new colour to the standard legend – pink, which is even warmer than dark red: The official NASA maps – the ones you can generate yourself – didn’t add this new colour, though. They simply extendedRead more