Richard Hawkins

Facilitator & Designer

I’m a facilitator and designer. I led PIRC’s work on Common Cause between 2010-2015, exploring the role of values in social and cultural change. I’ve facilitated over 200 workshops and trainings across the Third Sector and civil society in the UK and Europe. I previously coordinated PIRC’s climate work, bridging between the scientific community and campaigning NGOs and was lead author of the Climate Safety report.

Before joining PIRC in 2007, I founded The Green Shed, an ethical and environmental web design company. I love visual communication and have worked on several social and environmental projects with information designers and London Design Colleges.

I have a degree in Law, specialising in International Environmental Law, from the University of Nottingham. I’m a member of Smart CSOs, a co-founder of Campaign Lab & Culture lab and a fellow of the RSA.

Skills & interests:

  • cultural values & social change
  • participatory and deliberative democracy
  • framing & narrative
  • information design & data visualisation
  • ultimate frisbee

Recent articles:

This week’s climate links

Dive right in: RealClimate | IPCC errors: facts and spin Defusing the Methane Greenhouse Time Bomb: Scientific American Richard Alley’s keynote at the 2009 AGU AGM – If you want a primer on the role of CO2 in the ancient climate, this is it. At least one journalist at the Telegraph understands risk More GrumbineRead more


Via Tamino at OpenMind: Suppose you have a child, a son — he’s 10. You want to know whether or not he’s growing normally, so every day you measure his height with a tape measure. You’ve done so since he was 5. You even plot the data on a graph, and notice two things aboutRead more

This week’s climate links

Dive right in: PCC Adjudication on Ward vs. Booker – has to be read to be believed! Can you say ‘toothless’. What does openness in science mean? Potential problems with open access Climate deniers using FOI legisation as a filibuster… Earlier glacial melt rate revised downward, but recent melt is accelerating dramatically Climate Change DenierRead more

This week’s climate links

Dive right in: Radio 4, Today – IPCC ‘must earn trust’ with public IPCC denies newspaper claim that it overstated costs of natural disasters Deniergate: Turning the tables on climate sceptics New controversy in battle over the future of climate politics Great post on weather stations and the reliability of temperature data

Visualising the gap between political and scientific reality.

Keep an eye on the Climate Scoreboard during the next two weeks… Note the dark blue curve in the graphic, this is the probability distribution, it shows the full range of temperature rise the current national emissions proposals would likely give rise to. Currently it’s 2-6 degrees with 3.8 degrees is the most likely outcomeRead more

CRUde Swifthack

For those of you not following the detail of ‘ClimateGate’ here’s a nice video explaining the meaning of the two most cited “conspiracy-proving” emails. Peter Sinclair also wades in with a short video covering the affair. While this sort of accurate rebuttal is important, it reminds me of something Randy Olson argues in Don’t beRead more

Internship Opportunity #2

Climate Intern We are looking for a budding, confident and enthusiastic Climate Intern to join our small and dynamic team based in Wales. The successful candidate will work over a six-month period researching and communicating the latest climate science in order to influence policymakers and campaigners. Output will include writing briefing papers and reports, blogpostsRead more

Internship Opportunity #1

Energy Intern We are looking for a budding, confident and enthusiastic Energy Intern to join our small and dynamic team based in Wales. The successful candidate will work over a six-month period promoting research that demonstrates why a transition to a renewable-rich energy system in the UK is not only necessary, but also technically feasible,Read more

Mitigation and the emerging economic consensus

There”s an emerging economic consensus – in parallel with the scientific consensus – that investing in mitigation and adaptation is good value for money. Joe Romm points out an overlooked conclusion of a recent IIED study by Martin Parry and others on the underestimated cost of adaptation, Romm notes: In the “aggressive abatement” case (450Read more