Dora Meade

Dora Meade

Facilitator & Researcher

Dora is PIRC’s newest team member. She comes to PIRC from Positive Money where her main focus has been growing, diversifying and strengthening their supporter network.

Previously she worked for Quaker Social Action on a project exploring the emotions underpinning our relationship to money and finance. With QSA, Dora worked in a range of settings including women’s refuges, mental health support centres and drug and alcohol units; she also provided training for professionals keen to embed financial education into their work. Dora was the Political Editor of Shoppinghour Magazine, a print publication tackling critical theory, philosophy, art and politics, as well as Coordinator of the Democracy and Education Network at the University of Westminster and set up a network of student-led projects at the University of Leeds – where she studied Politics and Philosophy.

Skills and Interests

  1. Facilitation and workshop design
  2. Critical pedagogy
  3. Canal boats
  4. Feminist economics