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Apply Now We’re launching ‘Building Our Narrative Power’ Applications now open

We’re excited to launch the ‘Building Our Narrative Power’ course—supporting people who have lived experience of the issues they are fighting for, to skill-up and shape the narrative for justice and social change, to create waves of action and lasting progress. We’re looking for 16 people who are all passionate about transforming societal narratives across social, climate, and economic justice.

Decolonising Narratives: Part 2 The Crumbling Foundations Unpacking the narratives at the foundation of our broken systems

“Narratives are powerful. They can swing juries and elections. They can fill prisons. But they can also fill the streets.” The Narrative Initiative As we shared in our first blog of the series, we believe that our societies are built on narratives. These narratives—of our past, present and future—provide the scaffolding for our political systems,Read more

#event Decolonising Narratives A conversation

Join us at 12pm Thursday 24th November to discuss how to diversify, democratise and decolonise narrative and communications work in the UK: sign-up here.

New Publication Media That Moves 1 Creating anti-racist representations of Gypsies and Travellers in the UK media

The Media that Moves project is one of the best things we have been involved in. It gives us the strength to go forward on the right road to tackle the negative news that journalists publish about us every day.”Mena Mongan, Community Engagement Officer at London Gypsies and Travellers We know the media environment aroundRead more

New Publications Framing Worksheets DIY Framing Project Guides

Off the back of our Framing Climate Justice project, we produced this set of six worksheets to help you deliver different aspects of framing and narrative work… Project DesignHow to design and plan your very own framing project. Our Story How to build common ground in your sector or movement. Audience ResearchHow to better understandRead more