Building Our Narrative Power Dreams of a foodie Dreaming... #2

When I started thinking about what to write I had been cat sitting for my best friend who has a pretty decked out kitchen – and I was planning to make the most of all the fancy appliances. While that did not happen, I instead was left with the feeling of being nourished. I ate well, spent time in nature, I moved my body and finally did some reading of a book I’m excited to borrow once my best friend is done with it.

gold maine coon cat sitting on floorboards

All this made me dream; what if people could get this same feeling from the Building Our Narrative Power (BONP) course? What if people were given the space to learn about the things that will most help them in areas they are more passionate about? What if the course was one in which people could engage without it taking unsustainable amounts of energy? What if people left each residential well fed and each session feeling nourished?

One of my earliest dreams I had for the BONP course was actually to know everyone taking part on the course had eaten well. As a self-proclaimed picky eater, not being fully satisfied with food options is a feeling I am all too familiar with. And while as a lover of well seasoned ethnic food I am used to doing all sorts to navigate movement spaces food offerings, I would love for people who join us on this journey to be well fed. I am dreaming of course where everyone involved is truly nourished from the course content to the delicious food.

So this is my dream for BONP. I’m dreaming of people sleeping well and waking up refreshed during our first residential. I am dreaming of people coming as they are and knowing and feeling that this is enough. I am dreaming of people who are eager to meet up for each session because they know it will be a space where they leave with their cup a little more full at the end. I am dreaming of people who are excited for lunch because they know the food always slaps. I am dreaming of participants who are well resourced, well fed and deeply nourished.

My role in the team putting this course together is centred around the participants and their experience from start to finish to beyond the course. As we get ready to welcome people into the programme, I am excited to hear all about it that nourishes them.

This blog is part of a new series about dreaming. Here I’ve shared my dreams of yummy food and nourishment for Building Our Narrative Power. As participants join the course, I’m looking forward to reading and sharing their dreams on here too. If you’d like to apply for BONP, applications are open until next Monday 4th September at 9am. If you’d like to chat more about what would nourish you on a narrative course, you can email .

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