New Project Framing Climate Justice Applications Open!

Catastrophic heatwaves, devastating droughts, deadly wildfires and extreme storms. In 2018, the world saw glimpses of what the future could be without urgent action to solve the climate crisis.

But everywhere, people are coming together to organise for real climate solutions. More than ever, we need to be fighting to win, to shift the narrative, and to build a massive movement for climate justice.

The Framing Climate Justice Project aims to strengthen the movement for climate justice in the UK. We want to use the project to build a more aligned community of activists and campaigners, and to improve how we are communicating about climate change and its causes and impacts.

Coordinated by PIRC, and NEON, the project will run over about 10 months, with sessions every few months. The expected commitment from participants across this time is 8-10 days of session time, with some potential for work and creative activities between sessions.

Over the course of the project we’ll be learning about framing and communication techniques, carrying out communications research, developing new ways of talking about climate justice and testing them with people across the UK! We’ll also be exploring how we can build a stronger movement with justice at its heart.

Sounds like your kinda thing?! Find out more & apply.

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