"I was excited... by the report on the potential for renewable energy around our shores. It is right to point out, as that report did, that in due course we might once again be a net energy exporter, as we were at the peak of oil and gas production in the North sea. That is a very exciting prospect. We have enormous potential when it comes to renewables produced through tidal power, wave power and wind power—perhaps less, given our climate, when it comes to solar power. We have an enormous capacity, and we need to ensure that we have the framework to exploit that."

- Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, speaking in the House of Commons, 27th May 2010

Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC)

"This report seeks to present to the UK the true value of an energy resource right on our doorstep - at a time when concerns over security of supply and climate change are ever-present. To discover that we own a resource with the potential to return the UK to being a net power exporter, and on a sustainable basis, is genuinely exciting, and a wake-up call to those in a position to foster the further development of this industry."

- Tim Helweg-Larsen, chair of the Offshore Valuation Group and Director of PIRC (2006-2010)

Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)

"Britain's huge offshore energy resource is dominated by wind: offshore wind farms occupying a sea-area the size of Wales would deliver more electricity than Britain's average electricity consumption today. The key question is what building and maintaining these wind turbines and their associated energy-storage and delivery systems would cost, in material and financial terms. For me, this helpful work brings home the crucial value of investment in innovation in wind machine designs, in floating wind turbine prototypes, in tidal stream, and in novel energy storage systems."

- David MacKay, Chief Scientific Advisor at DECC

The Welsh Assembly Government

"I welcome this report which, as the first of its kind, highlights the huge potential for low carbon energy generation off our shores. It sets out the scale of how much can be achieved if we set the right framework and work together to deliver the impressive potential from a low carbon economy and tackle the challenge of climate change. In Wales we set out an ambitious target to speed up the transition to a low carbon economy and have the potential to produce twice the amount of electricity we currently use from renewable sources by 2025 - with about 40% coming from Marine. With access to some of the best tidal range and tidal stream sites in the UK, Wales is exceptionally well placed to strongly participate in the creation of a new marine energy sector."

- Jane Davidson, Welsh Assembly Government Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing

The Crown Estate

"As owners of the seabed out to the 12 nautical miles along with the rights to renewable energy development to 200 miles, The Crown Estate has been working with Government and other organisations to understand how best to utilise our marine estate for the benefit of the nation. This independent report shows that marine renewable energy could provide a substantial jobs and investment opportunity for the UK, an alternative secure energy supply and export potential for clean electricity."

- Rob Hastings, Director of the Marine Estate at The Crown Estate

Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)

"The ETI welcomes this thorough evaluation of the scale and potential economics of the UK offshore natural energy resources. The report identifies a number of technology challenges to unlock this potential, including sufficiently rapid scale-up of more cost effective and reliable offshore energy technologies and development of UK energy systems designs that match variable supply with variable demand, including energy storage, systems control and broadening the base of potential supply and demand through interconnection. The ETI has focus areas within its Offshore Wind, Marine, Energy Storage & Distribution, Transport and Energy Systems Modelling Programmes that address these challenges."

- Andrew Haslett, Director of Strategy Development at the ETI


"We all know that the UK has a massive potential for generation from clean renewable energy, but this is the first time that the full scale of the opportunity has been measured.

It represents a real opportunity for the UK energy industry to lead the world in offshore generation but also raises a number of key challenges that will need to be addressed by policy makers.

At E.ON we understand the important role that renewables must play in the future energy mix but also the investment and commitment needed to get us there. We're looking forward to the changing shape of the UK's energy structure and the role we must all play in that future."

- Michael Lewis, managing director of E.ON's European renewables business

DONG Energy

"It is a great pleasure for us as a Danish expert on construction of offshore wind farms to help the UK identify the possibilities in this field. We hope that the Danish and British expansion of renewable energy production can go hand in hand to the benefit of both parties."

- Anders Eldrup, CEO of Danish utility company DONG Energy

Mainstream Renewable Power

"This Report makes clear that the UK has a historic opportunity to exploit its marine renewable energy reserves both to provide this country with secure and sustainable sources of electricity and to sell power to our neighbours to the long-term benefit of the British economy. To achieve this we need today to put in place the framework that will enable us to build the offshore grid network - Supergrid - to bring that power ashore."

- Eddie O'Connor, chief executive of Mainstream Renewable Power


"The huge potential identified in this report is of great significance to a company like RES, which has been at the forefront of onshore and offshore wind energy development over the last two decades. Offshore wind, wave and tidal energy can provide the basis for a major UK energy supply sector and we are committed to applying our expertise, experience and financial resources to grow this market. However, action is needed by Government to set the right policy context and stimulate investment in the necessary infrastructure."

- Chris Morgan, Steering Board member and Engineering Director of RES Group


"Not only can Britain's wind resource help secure the UK's future energy supply but at the same time create thousands of green jobs and generate revenue to the country. Vestas is already investing more than £50 million UK R&D and has extensive pioneering experience and expertise in the offshore sector. The new coalition Government now has a fantastic opportunity to work closely with us and our partners in the wind sector to emulate the successes of the UK's offshore oil & gas industry. Wind - it means the world to us. So let's work together to unlock this significant energy flow that will never run out and bring Vestas' vision of Wind, Oil and Gas ever closer to reality."

- Anders Soe-Jensen, President of Vestas Offshore

RWE Innogy

"This report and its conclusions are strategically important to the UK and other European countries, and demonstrate the scale of the opportunity available. We remain at the heart of the developing offshore wind industry within Europe, and look forward to the future with immense excitement and optimism."

- Richard Sandford, Steering Board member and Head of Offshore Business Management, RWE Innogy

The Committee on Climate Change

"In order to meet our climate goals, we need to decarbonise electricity. There is an important role for nuclear, renewables and Carbon Capture and Storage driving required power sector emissions cuts over the next two decades. This report reinforces the view that offshore renewables, and in particular offshore wind, could have a potentially major role to play."

- David Kennedy, Chief Executive, the Committee on Climate Change

Friends of the Supergrid

"This report is a game-changer which sets out a clear no regrets energy future for the UK. Its publication comes on the back of two recent studies by PwC and the European Climate Foundation which clearly show that the delivery of North Sea interconnection to harness the UK's massive marine renewable resource is an immediate next step for the British government and the EU as they seek to reduce their GHG emissions by 80% by 2050."

- Adam Bruce, chairman of RenewableUK and a spokesperson for the Friends of Supergrid

New Economics Foundation (nef)

"The discovery of North Sea oil briefly boosted the UK economy, but its proceeds left little positive legacy and a lot more damaging carbon in the atmosphere. In contrast, 'The Offshore Valuation,' coordinated by the Public Interest Research Centre, demonstrates that the UK's domestic, offshore renewable energy potential represents a long-term windfall to the economy that will lastingly enhance our energy security. And, rather than contributing to global warming, this source will help tackle it."

- Andrew Simms, Policy Director, nef

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

"The Institution of Mechanical Engineers were pleased to support this research. No-one can fail to be excited by the possibility that our offshore renewable resource could generate the electrical equivalent of a billion barrels of oil annually. This would more than reproduce the success of North Sea oil and gas. It further underlines the need to develop UK's engineering talents and support the development of a UK renewables supply chain."

- Keith Millard, President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineer


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