Spot the difference

Defra’s website shows that UK emissions have gone up over the past twenty years.

DECC’s website shows that UK emissions have gone down over the past twenty years.


We got in touch with DECC’s Statistics team to point out this glaring discrepancy, and got the following robotic reply:

“Thank you for your enquiry.

“DECC produce annual greenhouse gas emissions statistics following the international reporting guidance of the UNFCCC and IPCC.

“As you have noted Defra take the lead on full lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions and Defra have produced different periodic assessments of UK greenhouse gas emissions based on UK consumption.  If you have questions relating to these please contact Defra on”

Persisting, we got a slightly more helpful response:

“We are reviewing the content of the DECC climate change statistics webpages over the next month and we will consider making your suggested amendments.

“I apologise I cannot give you a firm decision on any action at this stage.”

That was in July last year. Almost a year on, nothing’s changed on DECC’s website.

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