Ashley Erdman



Research Lead & Direction Group

One of the newest members of the PIRC team, I am a mix of activist, artist and academic. I’ve worked for a number of different social justice organisations on a range of issues including water, deep sea oil drilling, challenging corporate power, food, and debt.

I believe in the power of narrative and storytelling and the importance of building connection and community to build a better world. In my Research role, I’ll be leading on developing PIRCs methodologies, helping better understand how people think and make sense of the world, developing and testing frames, and increasing our focus on participatory methods. I’ll also be bringing love of strategy & development to the Direction group and helping shape our path forward.

Outside of PIRC you can find me pootling along the English canal system on a narrowboat with my partner and cat, often plotting new photography projects to help use visual art for social change.

Skills & interests

#cycletouring #knittingdesign #photography #foraging #makingsalves #noborders #systemchange #narrowboats #slowtravel #degrowth

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