Bec Sanderson

Researcher & Facilitator

Bec joined PIRC in 2012 as a researcher. She has led PIRC’s contribution to Framing the Economy, a project to understand how the British public think about the economy, and to help progressive spokespeople develop reframing strategies. She has co-authored the Framing Equality Toolkit and written a guide for campaigners on How to Test Communications. She is interested in how values relate to civic engagement (running the research behind Common Cause Foundation’s Perceptions Matter report) and in how we overcome our cognitive biases to take on new ways of looking at the world.

Recent posts by Bec:

Framing The Economy

Framing the Economy is a collaboration between PIRC, the New Economics Foundation, the New Economy Organisers Network and the FrameWorks Institute. Over two years, we have worked together to find out how people across the UK think about the economy – and how civil society campaigners can use this understanding to better communicate. During thisRead more

How do we frame our way out of this mess?

HOW DO WE FRAME OUR WAY OUT OF THIS MESS? Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Narratives Social movements across Europe face some common framing challenges. We asked over 200 campaigners—environmentalists, feminists, anti-racists, new economists, and many more—what we’re up against, analysed the trends and pulled together the key lessons. IfRead more

A new guide to testing your communications

When you communicate you usually have a good idea of what you want to say and the change you want to make. But when it comes to crafting a message, how do you know whether it will work? Testing helps you find out whether your choice of framing (the emphasis you put on particular concepts)Read more

Testing Comms Guide

Download our new guide! Testing tells you whether your choice of framing (the emphasis you put on particular concepts) is likely to affect the change you were hoping for. While working on the Framing Equality Toolkit with ILGA-Europe and LGBTI campaigners from across Europe over the past few years, we found that doing any kindRead more

Framing the Economy report

Today PIRC, the New Economics Foundation, NEON and the FrameWorks Institute are launching two story strategies that progressives can use to shift thinking on the economy. They’re built on values and metaphors that encourage the hope that change is possible and increase people’s support for progressive policies.

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