Dora Meade

Dora Meade


Network Lead & Direction Group

For me, building diverse networks is key to the success of any framing intervention. As Network Lead, I focus on how we create communities that are able to work, and speak, together. Alongside this I keep an eye on who is in PIRC’s network, growing and diversifying who accesses our work. As part of the flat structure in the Direction Group, I have worked on governance and convened strategy discussions.

I am also a facilitator and qualitative researcher; I co-authored the Framing the Economy report and a communications handbook for equality bodies. I have a particular interest in how we communicate, and bring about, a new economy.  Before joining PIRC in 2016, I was the Lead Organiser at Positive Money and Political Editor of Shoppinghour Magazine. I am an urbanite stuck in rural mid-Wales. Please send help.

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In the run up to December 12th, many of us will be having difficult conversations. Whether it is on the doorstep, over a cuppa or during a phone call with our grandma, we will be trying to understand what is driving people’s decision in this election in the hope that we will be able to change people’s minds.

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Disrupting the Story Workshop, Manchester 23-24th May

A workshop on framing and story for anyone wanting a chance to dig into how can we take control of the narratives around our movements. Apply for Disrupting the Story here!

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This week we  launched the Framing Nature Toolkit. Packed with activities, tools and advice, the toolkit aims to make our words work for wildlife.

General Election Framing Guide

For anyone working towards a more equitable, democratic and sustainable society It’s just seven days until the polling stations close. Depending on your constitution (and/or the most recent poll you have seen), you might feel we are living in exciting (or terrifying) political times, or you might agree with Brenda in Bristol that there is justRead more

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