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I’m currently leading the Framing LGBTI Equality project; before that I was involved in a number of our previous publications, including Common Cause for Nature, Valuing Equality, the Common Cause Handbook and Building Bridges (on the framing of human rights in the UK). I’m most interested in how our cultural stories shape oppression and the ways we interact with each other and the natural world. My background’s in Psychology and International Development.


  • Stories about change
  • Books in general…
  • Ukulele
  • Reading about ideas
  • Wild swimming & running around the Welsh countryside

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#blackhistorymonth “How long ’til Black Future Month?”* Celebrating Black narrative inspiration

For Black History Month, here are our top ten Black inspirations for framing & narrative for the future. In no particular order, because #hierarchyispatriarchy…

Framing Equality

Framing Equality Toolkit! Download our new toolkit for Framing Equality here! It represents the learning we’ve done over the past two years, working with ILGA-Europe, on a project aiming to better understand how to interact with the narratives around LGBTI equality across Europe. Why? Because we’ve repeatedly been confronted with the reality that change isRead more

Org Work

Why? In our experience, the work of social change is often misaligned with its own values and vision. We definitely felt as though this was the case for our own organisation. We’re committed—personally and organisationally—to helping to build a more equitable, liberatory, sustainable and connected world. Our work is all about the ways our cultureRead more

Pandemic Response: Part 5 Virus as beast or crime 3 Why episodic and thematic framing matters

There’s a 2011 study in which researchers tested the effects of framing crime using the metaphors of either crime-as-virus or crime-as-beast. Participants in the study read one version of the following: “Crime is a {wild beast preying on/virus infecting} the city of Addison. The crime rate in the once peaceful city has steadily increased overRead more

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