Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith


Learning & Participation Lead, & Programming Group

I am a relatively new member of the team at PIRC—a group facilitator, trainer and participatory organiser, with a background in community theatre. I’m into developing and seeking out creative, compassionate, and engaging tools and approaches that could help to strengthen and nurture us in our work for social change.

Previously, I’ve worked on climate justice, human rights and community organising locally, nationally and internationally, and I’ve developed training, group-working support and non-formal education resources for a variety of different groups working on social, environmental and economic justice.

Within our flat structure, I coordinate the Programming Group, which works to ensure that PIRC fulfils our commitments to projects, development, core organisational work and staff wellbeing in a fair, transparent and accountable way.

Skills & interests:

#facilitation #foooooood #participation #stories #learning #pedagogy #cycling #dobble #liberation #photography #drag #workshops #ganttcharts #wildswimming #orgculture