Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith

Staff: Curriculum

Curriculum Lead

I joined the PIRC team in 2018 as a group facilitator, trainer and participatory organiser, with a background in community theatre. I now support the development of our narrative-change curriculum and learning resources.

I’m passionate about developing creative, care-centred, and engaging tools and approaches to help strengthen and nurture us in our work for social change.
I’m also super into our flat structure, and all the experimentation and learning that we’ve done to evolve this since 2015. I have coordinated our People, Programming and Direction work at different points since joining the team.

Previously, I’ve worked on climate justice, human rights and community organising locally, nationally and internationally, and I’ve developed training, group-working support and political education resources for a variety of different groups working on social, environmental and economic justice.

Outside PIRC, you’ll find me organising drag cabarets, swimming in rivers, reading on the sofa, hosting friends & community gatherings, playing boardgames and supporting local protests and picket lines.

Skills & interests:

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