Hele Oakley


My interest has always been in a combination of somatic, process- and person-centred approaches to relationship and connection. In more recent years, I’ve developed facilitation of groups and one-to-one mentoring that opens space for the emergent elements that sometimes get missed in solutions-first responses. I’m interested in how our personal stories, myths and identities interface with social and collective narratives as well as their connections to nature and natural cycles.

I also love to dance, buffoon and be out in wild places. Travel is a lifelong love and feminist sci-fi a newfound love. I also quite like loafing around, random sweaty (though average) squash sessions, and hanging out with the amazing people of the Dyfi Valley.

Skills & interests

#slowrunning #natureandhumanpsyche #liberation #values #livingwithandbeyondbinaries #witchyqueerfeminist