Shan Stephens

Staff: Community

I’m PIRC’s new Community Lead. I support our Narrative Leadership Programme, as well as coordinating our network of associates, collaborators, and trainers.

I’m passionate about developing effective and caring ways of working in flat-structured organisations. I bring that interest to PIRC’s Programming group, where I focus on our capacity and work planning systems, supporting healthy accountability in alignment with our values.

I’ve been facilitating, training, and organising in all corners of Scotland and Europe for nearly two decades. I’m a long-time climate justice organiser, builder of autonomous community spaces, feeder of the masses, and supporter of my local tenants’ union. I’m a Board member at Tripod Training and I was a founding member of The Class Work Project.

In my spare time you’ll find me reading, travelling by train, cooking for pals, supporting independent art and music, lifting heavy things, organising extravagant parties, and cycling. I dream of one day starting a community housing project.

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