Yas Necati

Workshops Lead & People Group

I’m the workshop lead at PIRC, and a geek for learning that centres participants—their experiences, knowledge, skills and creativity. I’m really excited about leading on designing and delivering our workshops with this at the forefront, and doing my own learning along the way. I’m also part of our people group—looking after staff wellbeing, care and workplace culture. Some things I’m particularly interested in are reframing trans liberation and how we talk about borders.

I have a background in grassroots campaigning, youth peer support, journalism and domestic and sexual abuse support work. I’ve designed and delivered workshops to adults and young people on a range of topics, from self care to drag king workshops. Outside of PIRC, I help run a queer poetry night, like to bake all sorts of vegan cakes and will occasionally make an appearance as my drag king alter-ego, Turkish popstar Tarkan. I’m also a muppa to three cats, who like to join our zoom meetings.

Skills & interests

#ReframingEducation #ParticipatoryLearning #MealsWithFriends #TransAndProud #CatPaws #BoardGames #DragKings #TreeClimbing #GayPoetry #TrashyLesbianFilms #VeganBannoffeePie

Ashley Erdman

Research Lead & Direction Group

One of the newest members of the PIRC team, I am a mix of activist, artist and academic. I’ve worked for a number of different social justice organisations on a range of issues including water, deep sea oil drilling, challenging corporate power, food, and debt.

I believe in the power of narrative and storytelling and the importance of building connection and community to build a better world. In my Research role, I’ll be leading on developing PIRCs methodologies, helping better understand how people think and make sense of the world, developing and testing frames, and increasing our focus on participatory methods. I’ll also be bringing love of strategy & development to the Direction group and helping shape our path forward.

Outside of PIRC you can find me pootling along the English canal system on a narrowboat with my partner and cat, often plotting new photography projects to help use visual art for social change.

Skills & interests

#cycletouring #knittingdesign #photography #foraging #makingsalves #noborders #systemchange #narrowboats #slowtravel #degrowth

Hannah Smith

Learning & Participation Lead, & Programming Group

I am a relatively new member of the team at PIRC—a group facilitator, trainer and participatory organiser, with a background in community theatre. I’m into developing and seeking out creative, compassionate, and engaging tools and approaches that could help to strengthen and nurture us in our work for social change.

Previously, I’ve worked on climate justice, human rights and community organising locally, nationally and internationally, and I’ve developed training, group-working support and non-formal education resources for a variety of different groups working on social, environmental and economic justice.

Within our flat structure, I coordinate the Programming Group, which works to ensure that PIRC fulfils our commitments to projects, development, core organisational work and staff wellbeing in a fair, transparent and accountable way.

Skills & interests:

#facilitation #foooooood #participation #stories #learning #pedagogy #cycling #dobble #liberation #photography #drag #workshops #ganttcharts #wildswimming #orgculture

Hele Oakley

My interest has always been in a combination of somatic, process- and person-centred approaches to relationship and connection. In more recent years, I’ve developed facilitation of groups and one-to-one mentoring that opens space for the emergent elements that sometimes get missed in solutions-first responses. I’m interested in how our personal stories, myths and identities interface with social and collective narratives as well as their connections to nature and natural cycles.

I also love to dance, buffoon and be out in wild places. Travel is a lifelong love and feminist sci-fi a newfound love. I also quite like loafing around, random sweaty (though average) squash sessions, and hanging out with the amazing people of the Dyfi Valley.

Skills & interests

#slowrunning #natureandhumanpsyche #liberation #values #livingwithandbeyondbinaries #witchyqueerfeminist


Poppy is the youngest member of the team. What she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm. Dividing her day into long periods of dozing interspersed with short bursts of high energy activity, Poppy has quickly fitted into the working culture here at PIRC.

Skills & interests:

#running #bouncing #food #snoozing #slippers #chewing #frizzball

Bec Sanderson


I was Research Lead at PIRC until 2020, having joined the organisation in 2012, initially to work on Common Cause. I now continue working for PIRC as an Associate, supporting PIRC’s audience research and frame testing.

I am interested in the beliefs people have about the way the world works, and how beliefs and behaviours are primed by our narratives, including our choice of values and metaphor. Frame testing is my main focus. I authored the guide ‘How to Test Communications and am always looking for how to do this in creative and effective ways, and how to support campaigners to test on a low budget.

While at PIRC, I co-wrote the Framing the Economy report, the Framing Equality Toolkit,  The Narratives We Need, and most recently led the research for Framing Climate Justice. I continue to support various projects, including Framing Climate Justice and Reframing Race.

Skills & interests:

#framing #testingcomms #values #ultimatefrisbee #flatorgs #cognitivebiases #wildswimming

Anthony Jarrett

Finance Lead and Resources Group

I lead Finance and the Resources group at PIRC, looking after our funds,  facilities and legal obligations.

I arrived at PIRC in 2009, following a decade working in public sector administration for the Welsh Government and Legal Aid amongst others.

Outside of PIRC I’m a director of a successful community business and trustee of a small local charity. My experiences in each of these roles bring insights to PIRC and vice versa.

Prior to moving to mid-Wales in 1998, I have lived in London, Surrey, and Leeds—where I became immersed in environmental and social activism—as well spending three years working in Greece on sea turtle conservation.

Skills & interests:

#photography #websitedesign #beach #wildlife #community #genderroles&stereotypes #beingapositivemalerolemodelformydaughter #mlpfim #falc #idles #dogs

Richard Hawkins

Production Lead & Direction Group

I’m a designer, facilitator and org-systems tinkerer. I lead the design and production of PIRC’s materials and resources. I also coordinate PIRC’s Direction Group which ensures we have an amazing and effective Board of Trustees, a clear organisational strategy and a culture of learning and development.

Previously, I led PIRC’s work on Common Cause between 2010-2015, exploring the role of values in social and cultural change, facilitating workshops and trainings across the third sector and civil society in the UK and Europe. I also coordinated PIRC’s climate work, bridging between the scientific community and campaigning NGOs and authored the Climate Safety report.

I love visual communication and have worked on several social and environmental projects with information designers and London Design Colleges. I have a degree in Law, specialising in International Environmental Law, from the University of Nottingham. I’m a co-founder of Campaign Lab & Culture lab and a reluctant Fellow of the RSA.

Skills & interests

#participatorydemocracy #disco #orgculture #puns #liberation #cwtches #captainawkward #framing #facilitation #boardgames #values #ultimatefrisbee #informationdesign #typography #xkcd