What values are important for a better world?

2-10 players

This activity encourages us to focus on the values of our society and their importance to big social issues.

  1. As a group come up with a list  of the most important problems facing our society
  2. Spread the values cards out on a large table
  3. On your own, think about which values are most important for society to give importance to in order to tackle the problems you have identified – write down the five you think are most important.
  4. Once everyone has decided on their five, share your answers.
  5. Discuss the following as a group:
    1. Why you choose the values you did?
    2. How important are those values to each of you doing the activity?
    3. How important are they in our society?
    4. What things (school, media, work etc.) help to strengthen or weaken those values?