Creating your own values map

5+ players

This game encourages players to consider the similarities and differences between values.

  1. Shuffle the deck.
  2. Place a card face up on the floor.
  3. Now turn over another card – place it close to the other card if you think it has some similarities, move it away from the card in any direction you like if you think it is quite different. It will be easier if you place the cards in multiple directions to allow for more differences and similarities (imagine you are placing them on a huge board).
  4. Continue to turnover and place cards – moving the cards that are already in place to make room for new cards. For example: it may be that a card you have just turned over might have more in common to another card than the one currently placed next to it, therefore the new card will be placed between the two that are already laid out.
  5. Continue placing the cards and moving them around until all the cards are placed.
  6. Look over the cards – discuss whether there are any you want to rearrange.
  7. Once you are all happy discuss the similarities and differences you see.
  8. If you like you can compare your result to this map of values based on a large body of research, visit: