About Us

Society is built on stories. Stories of our past, present and future are the scaffolding of our political systems, social structures, and our own thinking. The old stories told us things would only get better, if we work hard, we’ll do well in life, and ‘we’ are better than ‘them’. These stories have failed us. We need new stories, to bring new worlds into being.

For over a decade PIRC has been supporting movements for social, economic and climate justice to map, develop and strengthen compelling narratives that transform culture and policy. We work collaboratively across the UK and Europe, embedded in social movements, using participatory tools and methodologies. In this time of multiple crises, where people’s beliefs and worldviews can become more open to change, where previously entrenched cultural narratives can shift, we are working to diversify, democratise and deepen civil society’s crucial work in this area…

Our Team

Our team has experience in participatory facilitation, community-building, mixed methods research and graphic design. Together, we have been exploring how language and lived experience shape social change since 2010.

Our Approach

We advocate a movement-building values-led approach to narrative change: participatory, connected and equitable.

Our Structure

Through our work, we’ve come to see that the way we organise is an integral part of how social change happens.

Our Values

The values we live by shape the stories we tell and the outcomes we see in the world. This means that we seek to realise our values through our practice.

Our Funding

We’re grateful to be independently funded by individuals and foundations and intentionally receive no grants or donations from government* or business.

Our History

Since 1971, PIRC has focussed on a number of different public interest causes.

Our Location

We’re based in Machynlleth, and we recommend that you come visit us.

Our Contact Details

If visiting is a bit much, you can contact us by filling out this form:

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Our Support

We’re grateful to receive in-kind support from a number of organisations.