About Us

PIRC works to help our movements—for equality, anti-oppression, and environmental justice—to tell better stories for a different world.

We support others in framing for social change. We connect diverse groups, in participatory spaces, to share knowledge, develop strategies and strengthen movements. We carry out strategic research to support this work. And we create and openly share resources and tools for developing better strategy and communications.

We have come to see the need to build non-oppressive and democratic organisations as integral to our approach. So we started by redesigning our own organisational structure and now we’re developing this work further to support others who want to do the same.

Our Team

Our team has experience in participatory facilitation, networks and community-building, qualitative and quantitative research and the production of accessible and practical resources. Together, we have been exploring how language and lived experience shape human motivation since 2010.

We’ve recently formally moved to working non-hierarchically. This means that every team member has equal input and decision-making power in the direction and running of the organisation, and we share many of the tasks related to general organisational management as well as project work.

Our Approach

We advocate a values-led approach to social change: connected, empathetic and equitable.

Our Structure

Through our work, we’ve come to see the way that we (anyone trying to make change) organise is an integral part of how social change happens.

Our Values

The values we live by shape the stories we tell and the outcomes we see in the world. This means that we seek to realise our values through our practice.

Our Funding

We’re really grateful to be independently funded by trusts and foundations and intentionally receive no grants or donations from government or business.

Our History

Since 1971, PIRC has focussed on a number of different public interest causes.