Framing Climate Justice

A 12-month project bringing together organisers from across the climate movement to tell the stories that matter, and strengthen our movement in the fight for justice.

At this critical moment for tackling the climate and biodiversity crises, Framing Climate Justice is more important than ever, and deserves to be widely promoted, adopted and developed further. Caroline Lucas MP


The past couple of years have seen climate change rocket up the public agenda. We know stories are central to our movement’s success—we need good ones to build support, win campaigns and grow our power. But what does a good climate change story look like? What about a good climate justice story?

Framing Climate Justice is a participatory cross-movement framing project coordinated by PIRC, and NEON seeking to answer these questions, and to bring justice firmly to the centre of climate change communications.

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Framing Climate Justice was a lightning bolt of a project. It brought together a fantastic range of people to puzzle out the complexities of climate justice. What it is, how do we get it and how do we communicate it? We explored all of those deep and difficult questions, all the while building a fantastic community of people to continue to work in solidarity with, for hopefully, many years to come. Rowan Mataram, Platform London

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New Publications Framing Worksheets DIY Framing Project Guides

Off the back of our Framing Climate Justice project, we produced this set of six worksheets to help you deliver different aspects of framing and narrative work…

  1. Project Design
    How to design and plan your very own framing project.
  2. Our Story
    How to build common ground in your sector or movement.
  3. Audience Research
    How to better understand how your audience thinks about your issue.
  4. Comms Objective
    How to use your research so far to set a clear and measurable objective.
  5. Create Frames
    How to generate creative ideas to meet your comms objective.
  6. Test Frames
    How to test your new communication ideas to see if they work.

For more background on these, see the FCJ Process Page.

Messaging Guide Climate Justice Messaging Guide It’s here!

The Climate Justice Messaging Guide is tailor made for campaigners, activists, spokespeople, and anyone trying to talk about climate justice. 

The guide brings together learnings from Framing Climate Justice, a participatory movement framing project that we coordinated, alongside our friends at and NEON, and a group of 26 amazing campaigners and activists seeking to firmly centre justice in climate change communications. 

It’s a critical time to make sure we are talking about climate change in the right way. We need to find effective ways of framing climate change with reference to historical injustices and colonialism, acknowledging that those who are most affected around the world are the least responsible, while advocating solutions that redistribute power and centre communities on the frontline. 

Simple stuff right? 

While it might not always be straightforward, it can be done. We’ve designed the Climate Justice Messaging Guide to help you navigate talking about climate justice. 

The guide includes:

  • common attacks and how to mitigate them;
  • helpful words to use for talking climate justice;
  • key metaphors to help develop messaging;
  • stats to help tell stories;
  • details on how people in the UK think about climate justice;
  • a core messaging outline.

The guide is available for download here

We’d love to know how you get on and are always open to feedback. 

There’s loads more work and research we have planned for how to frame climate justice so if you’re interested in updates please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter

Website Framing Climate Justice A new resource on how to talk about climate justice...

Stories are central to creating change: you need a good one to make it happen. But what does a good climate change story look like? Or more elusively, what about a good climate justice story?

Climate campaigners are increasingly bringing questions of justice into our work, but it can be difficult to know which narratives work, and which values, metaphors, and examples can motivate people to act.

The Framing Climate Justice project was set up to explore these issues and develop some initial findings and recommendations for the movement. We’re excited to announce that we’ve put together all the project materials in one place:  Read more

Election Guide Talking climate justice this election 1 Four things to consider

Climate change is featuring in this UK election like it has never featured in any before. Barely mentioned in previous election cycles, this year we have seen it front and centre of manifesto pledges, and Channel 4 hosting a climate debate for the first time. Awareness and concern about climate change is at an all time high, and we are at a critical fork in the road: we vote for a government that will act on climate change, or we don’t and face the consequences.

For many campaigners, this is also a critical moment to make sure we are talking about climate change in the right way. Specifically, it’s about putting global justice into our frames, and not allowing the debate to focus so narrowly on emissions targets. It’s about framing climate change with reference to historical injustices, such as colonialism, acknowledging that those who are most affected around the world are the least responsible, and advocating solutions that redistribute power and centre the communities on the frontline.

But it’s not necessarily straightforward to talk about climate change in this way.  Read more

New Project Framing Climate Justice Applications Open!

Catastrophic heatwaves, devastating droughts, deadly wildfires and extreme storms. In 2018, the world saw glimpses of what the future could be without urgent action to solve the climate crisis.

But everywhere, people are coming together to organise for real climate solutions. More than ever, we need to be fighting to win, to shift the narrative, and to build a massive movement for climate justice.

The Framing Climate Justice Project aims to strengthen the movement for climate justice in the UK. We want to use the project to build a more aligned community of activists and campaigners, and to improve how we are communicating about climate change and its causes and impacts. Read more