Values Storytelling

3-10 players

This is a fun game to get you more familiar with the different values through storytelling.

  1. Everyone needs a pen and piece of paper.
  2. In this game you take it in turns to be the storyteller.
  3. The elected storyteller draws three values cards from the deck and keeps them a secret from the other players.
  4. The storyteller then takes a minute or two to look at the cards and come up with a story that includes events or references that refer to the values cards they have drawn, without saying the name of the value.
  5. The storyteller then tells the story (it can be as long or short as they want)
  6. Once the story has finished the other players write down the three values they think were in the story without letting anyone else see.
  7. Once everyone has written down the three values they think were in the story, everyone shows their piece of paper and the storyteller shows everyone the three values cards.
  8. If you want to keep score, everyone guessing gets a point for each correct value. The storyteller scores three points if at least one person guesses all three values but not if everybody guesses all of them (this encourages the storyteller to not make it too easy, but not too make it too obscure either).
  9. Now another player takes the role of the storyteller and the game continues.

If you’re scoring, the first to 15 points wins.