Why Values?

2+ players

This game discusses why we have values, why they are important and how they relate to one another.

  1. Shuffle the values deck and place 3 values face up.
  2. Take a minute to look at the cards and their definitions.
  3. Now in a group discuss the following:
    1. What actions or behaviours do you associate with each of these values?
    2. When are these behaviours important? When might they be helpful? When might they be a hindrance?
    3. Which of the values you have drawn are most similar to one another? Why?
    4. Which of the values are the most different to one another? Why?
  4. Now turn over another card and go through the above questions again for this card – considering the differences and similarities between it and the cards that have already been drawn.
  5. Continue drawing cards for as long as you want the discussion to last.