Ralph is an environmentalist and conservationist with experience in lobbying and campaigning. He has worked for the Campaign for National Parks, Buglife and spent the last 7 years at RSPB. He has a degree in Zoology from Cardiff, an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial and MSc in Conservation from UCL. He has worked freelance as a journalist, having feature articles published in the The Engineer Magazine, While at RSPB he coordinated the Our Rivers campaign, worked closely with the Environment agency and Defra and with European colleagues in Brussels on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. Ralph is also a cartoonist concentrating on conservation issues which can be viewed at Mark Averys blog (as above).

Skills & interests:

  • Understanding motivations and influencing people
  • Making people enthusiastic about wildlife
  • Drawing Cartoons
  • Mountain biking

Recent articles:

Framing Nature

PIRC’s follow-up project to Common Cause for Nature We all share values that are associated with justice, compassion and environmental concern, and we also all share values associated with image, competition and self-interest. These two sets of values are psychologically in conflict. This means that reading about the beauty of nature – or the experienceRead more

Values Deck: The ones that got away…

The Values Deck Kickstarter is nearly over: have you pledged support to reserve yours yet? We wanted to give you a little insight into the creative process by showing you some of the early drafts of the cards. Find below some of the early efforts that didn’t quite make the cut…