Our Funding

We’re really grateful to be independently funded by trusts and foundations and intentionally receive no grants or donations from government or business.

PIRC was set up with grants from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) and the Social Services Trust over 40 years ago. One way or another, JRCT has supported every one of our major ventures over the years.

Currently, we also receive funding from the Friends Provident Foundation, the KR Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, the Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation and the 1970 Trust.

We’re also grateful to former funders of projects and core income: Allen Lane Foundation, Anthony Thorold, Artists Project Earth, Arts Council Wales, the Consumers Association, Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, Ford Foundation, Hamamelis Trust, Jam Today, Lipman Miliband Trust, Lush Charity Pot, Marmot Charitable Trust, the Network for Social Change, Nuffield Foundation, RH Southern, Sainsbury’s Family Trusts, Scurrah Wainwright, Social Science Research Council, Trocaire and WWF-UK.

We’ve also been kindly, but indirectly, supported by the funders of other organisations we partner with, such as in our work with ILGA-Europe or NEON.

If you would like to support PIRC, please get in touch with James to talk about how.