Our Structure

Through our work, we’ve come to see that the way we organise is an integral part of how social change happens.

In response to this, we formally moved to working non-hierarchically in late 2015. This means that every team member has equal input and decision-making power in the direction and running of the organisation, and we share the tasks related to general organisational management as well as project or delivery work.

We do this through four Core Groups, five Delivery Roles, a regular meeting cycle and clear lines of accountability. It isn’t always easy, and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. But building an organisation based on our values is critical to our work, underpinning and informing our focus on shifting cultural narratives.  

An outline of PIRC's structural, showing the four core groups and give delivery roles

As we continue to develop these systems internally, we’re also hoping to build a community of practice around organisational culture work. We’d like to share, and learn from others, and so this has also become a core part of our strategy. Find more about that here.