Our Values

The values we live by shape the stories we tell and the outcomes we see in the world. This means that we seek to realise our values through our practice.


We are working towards a more equal society. This requires that we dismantle the current interlinking systems of oppression (such as the patriarchy, heteronormativity, ableism, imperialism and white supremacy), both in the world ‘out there’ and within our own groups and organisations. To that end, we work with diverse groups and seek accessibility for participation in the events that we run (such as workshops), in our communications (for example publications) and in our own hiring practices.

Furthermore, we’d like the way we work to actively challenge the power structures that reproduce inequality and injustice. This means consciously choosing to work in ways that are liberatory, or anti-oppressive, and being aware of our own privileges.


We believe change happens through people working together; building power through movements; and sharing resources and knowledge. This requires us to create new connections outside of our usual ‘bubbles’, but also to build and strengthen the networks and communities we already inhabit. This means communicating compassionately and in ways that are accessible, building trust, and sharing with and supporting each other. In this vein, we work collaboratively and openly, in partnership wherever possible, bringing diverse groups together, and producing resources for wider use.


A more democratic society sits at the core of our mission and so we seek to build democratic and participatory principles into all of our work. This is true, not least, in the restructuring of our organisation away from hierarchy and towards a flatter, more inclusive way of working. We also try to embed these principles in our project work and with collaborators.


We cannot continue to ignore the structural issues within our society that maintain power imbalances, injustice, and exploitation. Our current systems are failing us. We need new ways of working, not tweaks to the old. We think this requires creativity and experimentation: trying new things and taking risks. A man we know once said failure is the compost of success, and we agree. We try to foster creativity, lightheartedness and humour in all of our work: in our workshops with other people, and in the resources and communications we produce. We value ideas in the workplace and try to be honest and celebratory about our failures as well as our successes.

Connection with the natural world

We believe in protecting the environment for future generations and encouraging current generations to enjoy and appreciate nature more now.  To that end, we work towards a sustainable office environment, we travel by train for work commitments and we have meetings outdoors whenever technology and weather permit.