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IPA host debate on ethics of advertising

The IPA’s 44 Club are hosting a debate tonight entitled ‘Is advertising out of control?’, sparked by the questions raised in our report Think Of Me As Evil?. Does advertising fuel consumerism or is consumerism just evolution? Join us on 20th February for a lively debate surrounding the social and cultural impacts of advertising onRead more

PIRC gives evidence to Parliament on outsourced emissions

PIRC’s Co-Director Guy Shrubsole has given evidence before a Parliamentary Select Committee on the subject of outsourced emissions. A video of the session held by the Energy and Climate Change (ECC) Committee can be viewed here. A transcript of the session can be read here.

Advertising is everywhere – and greens need to take it seriously

This piece by Guy Shrubsole was originally published on Green Alliance’s Greener Living Blog. What did you watch over Christmas? Sky’s new production of Treasure Island? A catch-up of season two of The Killing? Or… lots of adverts? Whatever you watched, it’s very likely that you got treated to a high volume of advertisements. TheRead more

Advertisers and activists respond to Think Of Me As Evil?

A round-up of various responses to our report from advertisers and activists – some enthusiastic endorsements, some, er, less so… ‘Advertising: getting past good and evil’ by Jon Miller, formerly of Ogilvy and Mother, 30th October 2011 ENDS Report coverage of the report, 1st November 2011 ‘How the Guardian helped make Tim Lefroy’s case forRead more