Sara Cowan

Staff: Fundraising

Fundraising Lead & Resources Group

I am the Fundraising Lead for PIRC. I grew up in Ecuador to an Ecuadorian mother and Scottish father (I am bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English). I grew up around charity work: (women’s prison support work, food kitchen, children living on the street). I am very passionate about impactful work and activism! When I was a student I started a community fridge project to reduce food waste on campus and I also started a campaign to divest from fossil fuels!

I have a First-Class Honours Business degree in Management Science and Economics at the University of Strathclyde. I have been working in funding, assessment and resource mobilization since 2018. I am also very interested in evaluation processes, outcomes, indicators and impact tracking.

Although I work with spreadsheets all day, all my friends will tell you that I am very arty! You will find me painting abstract art by day and dancing to electronic music by night. Dubstep anyone?

Skills & interests

#paintingandcrafting #makeupandphotography #buildingasustainablefuture #racialjustice #changethesystem #hatesfoodwaste #lovescommunity #lovestechno