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CRUde Swifthack

For those of you not following the detail of ‘ClimateGate’ here’s a nice video explaining the meaning of the two most cited “conspiracy-proving” emails. Peter Sinclair also wades in with a short video covering the affair. While this sort of accurate rebuttal is important, it reminds me of something Randy Olson argues in Don’t beRead more

Mitigation and the emerging economic consensus

There”s an emerging economic consensus – in parallel with the scientific consensus – that investing in mitigation and adaptation is good value for money. Joe Romm points out an overlooked conclusion of a recent IIED study by Martin Parry and others on the underestimated cost of adaptation, Romm notes: In the “aggressive abatement” case (450Read more

Safe Climate Australia

A great new campaign from down under, Safe Climate Australia: In their words: Safe Climate Australia is a non-government organisation formed and steered by a foundation group of concerned scientists, community and business leaders with a shared understanding of the scientific and moral imperatives for emergency action to restore a safe climate. Visit:

Energy Bonds in the Guardian

Tim talks to the Guardian about PIRC’s work on energy bonds. Also see: Manchester Report: Plans for renewable energy bonds among 20 climate ideas to save the world

July Arctic Sea Ice Outlook

The Arctic Sea Ice Outlook has just been updated for July. It”s based on a synthesis of 16 estimates which utilise a range of different projection methods. They note that there is “no indication that a return to historical levels will occur”. Big surprise! The full range of estimates range from 4.0-5.2 million square kilometers,Read more

Become our Climate Intern…

Applications Closed It’s that time of year again, when we’re looking for a budding, confident and enthusiastic intern to join our small and dynamic team, in mid-Wales – applications to – details below: The successful candidate will work over a six-month period on one or two of the following projects: Climate safety – aRead more

Zero Carbon Britain 2007

For thirty years CAT has been at the forefront of understanding environmental issues. Decades before there was an appreciation of the environmental challenges we now face, CAT was educating and informing about their inevitability, carrying our pioneering work into sustainability issues, and formulating practical solutions which are now finding enthusiastic adopters throughout government and businessRead more

Welsh Assembly Sustainability Committee

CAT, mid-Wales May 15th, 2008 Tim is giving a ZCB presentation to the Sustainability Committee of the Welsh Assembly Government during their session at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Environmental Audit Committee

CAT, mid-Wales May 15th, 2008 Tim is presenting to the Environmental Audit Committee during their visit to the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Grand Designs Live

London, Doclands May 3rd, 2008 Tim is presenting Zero Carbon Britain at the Grand Designs Show in London

Claverton Energy Group

Bath April 12th, 2007 We are giving a Zero Carbon Britain presentation to the Annual Conference of the Claverton Energy Group, an independent think-tank of renewable energy professionals considering policy and technology solutions for Britain and Europe.

Sheila McKechnie Awards 2008

Helping People Change Their World The Sheila McKechnie Foundation has opened applications for its 2008 awards, inspired by the legacy of Dame Sheila McKechnie. The awards will begin a search among communities across the UK for people of all ages who are campaigning to change their world locally and globally. These will be the peopleRead more

GLA – C-Change

Rich will be coordinating an Energy Workshop and sitting on an expert panel at the Greater London Authority on January 25th. The workshop and panel forms part of a day of youth action & education on climate related issues organised by C-Change.   They not necessarily need not be BBW dating app registered users ofRead more

What are the UK's 'actual' emissions?

UPDATE:  Dieter Helm has published an excellent report attempting to answer this question, called "Too good to be true? The UK”s Climate Change Record, download it here. The ESRC”s Research Group on Lifestyles, Values and Environment (RESOLVE) has just published an important initial analysis of the UK”s carbon footprint based on final consumption. From ourRead more