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Climate change breaks NASA’s temperature charts 1

Guest post by Kate at Climate Sight. The Arctic is getting so warm in winter that James Hansen had to add a new colour to the standard legend – pink, which is even warmer than dark red: The official NASA maps – the ones you can generate yourself – didn’t add this new colour, though. They simply extendedRead more

Green Investment Bank: too little, too late

George Osborne’s Spending Review, just announced in Parliament with the full document available online here, makes provision for a new Green Investment Bank (GIB). This is a vital piece of policy to take forward the low-carbon transition. But the announcements look to be too little, too late. The Government has pledged just £1bn of directRead more

Climate change: where are we now? 2

With the number of polls I’ve written about here, it’s been a while since I’ve taken stock of the different results and what we can learn from them. Fortunately, MORI produced a handy collection of slides (a few months ago), which brings together a lot what we’ve seen into a single place: My conclusions fromRead more

No Pressure: An ill-advised piece of climate change communication 6

Imagine you were part of a highly successful environmental campaign group, that had spent the best part of the last year enthusiastically building a broad coalition of organisations – from schools, to local councils, to football teams – committed to cutting their carbon footprint. How might you choose to mark such a successful 10 months?Read more

This week’s top climate science links

Dive right in: Why positive feedback doesn’t necessarily lead to runaway warming – Positive feedback happens when the response to some change amplifies that change. For example: The Earth heats up, and some of the sea ice near the poles melts. Now bare water is exposed to the sun’s rays, and absorbs more light thanRead more

This week’s top climate science links

Dive right in: And yet it works. Adam Corner on ‘ClimateGate’, transparency & peer-review. – “Open access is based on the premise that there are those outside the inner circle of peer reviewers who are competent enough to provide a second opinion on the science. This is indisputably true. But while talk of throwing openRead more

Watts Up With That & SPPI promoting the BNP

Joss Garman at Left Foot Forward reports that Watts Up With That – arguably the world’s number one climate sceptic site – yesterday cited the BNP in one of its ludicrous stories: Anthony Watts’ latest source of information is none other than the British National Party – yes, those known to the rest of usRead more

This week’s top climate science links

Dive right in: Will 2010 be the hottest year on record? – it all depends on which data source you choose: GISTEMP (likely) or HadCRU (about as likely as not). Climate change is leaving us with extra space junk – Even the space junk is trying to tell us we’re changing the climate. One moreRead more

This week’s top climate science links

Dive right in: Sustainability: Choices, choices, choices – great piece by the BBC’s Richard Black. Matt Ridley and the Holocene Optimum – Matt Ridley making elementary mistakes again, you’d think he has some sort of wider agenda. Oh, he has. Could global brightening be causing global warming? – short answer: unfortunately not. A brief updateRead more

This week’s top climate science links

Dive right in: Climate skeptic hides the incline in global temperatures – shock horror. Heat stress – setting a limit on what we can adapt to – if you didn”t know already, >7C temp rises will be bad, very bad. Migration in the context of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change: insights from analogues –Read more