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Stories are central to creating change: you need a good one to make it happen. But what does a good climate change story look like? Or more elusively, what about a good climate justice story?

Climate campaigners are increasingly bringing questions of justice into our work, but it can be difficult to know which narratives work, and which values, metaphors, and examples can motivate people to act.

The Framing Climate Justice project was set up to explore these issues and develop some initial findings and recommendations for the movement. We’re excited to announce that we’ve put together all the project materials in one place: 

Here we explain our methodology and showcase the results of our tests on four frames: Emergency, Responsibility, Hope, and Solidarity. You’ll also find resources such as a recording of an online presentation of the findings, a research briefing, literature reviews, graphics, and a messaging guide. Whether you’re looking for new inspiration for your climate comms, or research to back up your campaigning—we hope you’ll find it informative and provoking.

Framing Climate Justice was coordinated by PIRC, and NEON.

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