Ant Jarrett

Anthony Jarrett



Finance Lead and Resources Group

I lead Finance and the Resources group at PIRC, looking after our funds,  facilities and legal obligations.

I arrived at PIRC in 2009, following a decade working in public sector administration for the Welsh Government and Legal Aid amongst others.

Outside of PIRC I’m a director of a successful community business and trustee of a small local charity. My experiences in each of these roles bring insights to PIRC and vice versa.

Prior to moving to mid-Wales in 1998, I have lived in London, Surrey, and Leeds—where I became immersed in environmental and social activism—as well spending three years working in Greece on sea turtle conservation.

Skills & interests:

#photography #websitedesign #beach #wildlife #community #genderroles&stereotypes #beingapositivemalerolemodelformydaughter #mlpfim #falc #idles #dogs