The Common Cause Handbook

We’ve just completed our latest piece of work, The Common Cause Handbook.

It’s a practical and accessible introduction to the importance of values and frames for organisations working towards a more sustainable and just society.

The Common Cause Handbook makes the case that civil society organisations can find common cause in working to engage and strengthen intrinsic values  – such as concern for others, social justice, creativity, self-acceptance, and a connection with nature – whilst working to diminish the importance of extrinsic values – for example, social status, material success, image, wealth, and power.

It highlights some of the ways in which communications, campaigns, and even government policy, inevitably serve to engage and strengthen some values rather than others.

The handbook was inspired by WWF’s groundbreaking report Common Cause: The Case for Working with our Cultural Values and its sister publication, Finding Frames: New Ways to Engage the UK Public in Global Poverty. We’ve worked with WWF, Oxfam and a wide range of civil society organisations to develop, trial and produce our guide. We hope you’ll enjoy the result.

You can download the handbook for free or buy a copy online.

On the accompanying Common Cause website you’ll find:

  • a web-version of the handbook itself;
  • information on various initiatives connected to values and frames;
  • case studies of recent episodes in public policy relevant to values and frames;
  • an outline of a complementary workshop we’ve devised to accompany the Handbook;
  • a blog providing a running commentary on various values and frames-relevant stories; and
  • a series of the most frequently asked questions.

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