New Kickstarter VALUES: 58 IDEAS WE LIVE BY 1 A deck of illustrated value cards...



Values: 58 Ideas We Live By  is a beautiful deck of cards for exploring who we are, designed by Genis Carreras in collaboration with PIRC.

“Love. Creativity. Enjoyment. Curiosity. Friendship. Purpose. Psychological research shows that we are all driven by the same things – but differ in how we prioritise them. Fifty-eight values guide our lives, shaping who we are, what we do, and ultimately the kind of society we live in.”

Whether you’re just mildly interested in values or a fully fledged Common Cause geek looking for workshop material, this little deck deserves a place in your life…

Support the project and get some cards.

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  1. D. Heemsbergen D. Heemsbergen

    Hello, is this still ‘work in progress’? I’m very interested in getting such deck of cards one day. Is there something yet known about a date of publishing?
    Regards, Doenja


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