About Us

PIRC is an independent charity developing participatory approaches to researching, communicating and connecting around cultural stories for a more democratic, equitable and sustainable society.

Over the past decade, through our work first on environmental issues and later on broader social and democratic issues, we’ve learnt to recognise the deep connections between the issues our society faces and the multiple, interlinking oppressions that lie at the heart of the system. Poverty, climate change, isolation and loneliness, inequality, discrimination, over-consumption and political disengagement are all underpinned by the same structures. In this context, we work for a stronger civil society that has reclaimed the stories of our culture that encourage our better selves and reshapes society for the better.

PIRC has a 40-year record of catalytic research, championing the public interest and informing public policy, and a more recent history of championing the vital role of cultural stories and movement-building in social change.

Our Team

We are passionate about communicating with diverse groups, carrying out research into how to create a better world, and finding equitable solutions to social and environmental concerns. We put our values at the heart of our approach: working collaboratively, finding structural solutions, and encouraging participation.

We’ve recently formally moved to working non-hierarchically. This means that every team member has equal input and decision-making power in the direction and running of the organisation, and we share many of the tasks related to general organisational management as well as project work.

Our Approach

We advocate a values-led approach to social change: collaborative, empathetic and equitable.

Our Values

We value equality, social justice, creativity, community and connection with nature – amongst many other things!

Our Funding

PIRC is independently funded, receiving no funding from government or business.

Our Trustees

PIRC has a board of five trustees with a wide range of experience.

Our History

Since being founded in 1971 by Charles Medawar and Michael Young, PIRC has engaged in a rigorous critique of corporate and government power.